A Food Superhero Returns…

September 13th, 2012

Did you know it’s National Potato Month in America? We didn’t either, but it got us thinking about the simple spud.

And, after much intensive researching and ‘digging’ (get it!) the news is in.. The humble tatty is, in fact, a real life super food.

After being branded a villain of modern diets in recent years, it’s finally emerged that there are multiple health benefits to munching potatoes.

Packed full of nutrients and essential minerals to keep your body in tiptop shape there’s much more to these tubers than you’d believe!

So we thought we’d share some startling revelations about the nation’s favourite veg.

Nutritious and delicious – Although carbs are believed to be the enemy of dieters, they are essential in fuelling your body. You simply should not go without carbs in your daily diet. They help you think straight, aid your digestion and even promote cell renewal and, the good news is, potatoes are full of them! If you’re worried about GI (glycemic index) always choose new potatoes as they’re considered ‘green’.

• Vitamin booster – The skin of the potato is absolutely rammed with vitamins. In fact, in the 19th Century English sailors ate tatties to fend of scurvy! And, to be fair, they had a point – a 150g potato has a whopping 27mg of Vit C, that’s almost half of your recommended daily intake. They’re also a brill source of Vit B, folate, potassium and magnesium.

• Friend to your heart – The Agricultural Research Service in Navarre, America, has identified 60 different phytochemicals in spud skins. Loads of these are called flavonoids, which have been proven to help reduce bad LDL-cholesterol. Low bad cholesterol reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease and ensures your arteries are sludge free.

• Fiberlicious – one potato will provide your body with a massive 12% of your RDA of fibre meaning your gut can keep smiling!

• Stress buster – Potatoes are heaving with Vit B6, which is proven to help balance your mood. It is essential in the productions of happy neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine and even helps in the production of heart pumping adrenaline.

So, at only 26 calories a spud, potatoes really are an incredible super food! But remember to opt for healthy fillings over fat laden butters, cheeses and creams and eat the skin too, after all, that’s where all the goodness is!

But what do you think? Should potatoes be reinstated into the veggie hall of fame? Let us know on Facebook..

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  1. cant live without spuds…best food on the planet…apart from westin gourmet meat.

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