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Earn loyalty points and save £££s
on your fave gourmet meat

We love our loyal foodies, so it’s great that we have yet another way to reward you.

So how does it work?

We’ve purposely kept this as simple as possible - here's how it works:

How Loyalty Points Works

Claiming Loyalty Points

Look out for the gold Loyalty Points logo on product pages to see how many points you’ll earn from an item.

Loyalty Points Screenshot

If you haven’t shopped with us before don't worry, simply place an order and we'll automatically create an account for you and credit the points from your first purchase.

Your account log-in details will be emailed to you automatically.

Unfortunately we can’t offer loyalty points with all of our special offers. 


Using Loyalty Points

To redeem the points you've earned you need to be logged in to your account.

Once you're logged in you will be able to see details of your accumulated points from previous purchases in your Dashboard.

You’ll also be able to see all the tasty Special Products you can claim FREE with your loyalty points.

To redeem your points simply choose your special product or products then click add to cart.

It’s that simple.

Just a few points to remember:

  • You get Loyalty Points awarded for many of the products available
  • The Loyalty Points system launched on 31st March 2011. Any orders placed before this date are not eligible for Loyalty Points
  • Loyalty Points can only be redeemed against products listed as ‘Special Products’ in the Checkout or the ‘My Account’ section
  • Remember: Points will be registered against the email address that you input when making the purchase. (As long as you always use the same email address it doesn’t matter if you are logged in to your account or not)
  • You have to be logged in to redeem your points and claim your free products
  • Your username and password is emailed to you when you first place an order using the specified email address
  • Points have a shelf-life of 12 months
  • Points do not have an equivalent monetary value
  • You may only redeem points when placing an order. (You can't just claim a free product on its own, you must have a product in your basket that you are paying for)

Clever Sausage Membership

Our 'Clever Sausage' Membership is a club where you receive exclusive deals on Westin Gourmet products each month.

We have to keep this club small (less than 1000 members) as the offers we send out are all close to cost price and with limited availability.

When there are spaces available to become a Clever Sausage, you will see a sign up form on the checkout page of the website.

As a member, you will receive exclusive e-mails which contain secret discount codes only available to Clever Sausage members. When you become a member you are guaranteed to receive;

- Clever Sausages Club Minimum of £50 in savings and offers every month
- Clever Sausages Club Guaranteed Christmas week delivery slot


Membership to Clever Sausage is free for the first 30 days. After that, it is then charged at £3 per month thereafter if you choose to continue.

To cancel your Clever Sausage Membership, you must contact Customer Support via email here. Just very simply explaining you don’t want to continue with the membership. Unsubscribing from the Clever Sausage email list will not cancel your Membership or stop any Monthly Charges.

-- http://www.westingourmet.co.uk/reserve-christmas-delivery-pub/