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Who are Westin Gourmet?

Who Are Westin Gourmet

We're Westin Gourmet and we love great food and our mission is to bring your amazing quality fresh meat and fish direct to your door.

We're proud to be British and of British meat and seafood (we have some very clever and able farmers and fishermen living here). Our ethos is to source as locally as possible, with natural products, high welfare products, sustainable products and seasonal products.

  • Natural
  • High welfare
  • Sustainable
  • Seasonal

We believe in supporting smaller producers and niche products, and we hope that as each season passes we will be able to bring more and more artisan producers' goods to a wider audience.

There are some products from around the world that every gourmet needs to try, so we will also endeavour to bring you the finest examples where we feel their distinction merits the miles!

Our aim is to help create a community of like-minded epicures who want the best quality products but at reasonable prices - and ensure that great quality food is accessible to all.

Our Heritage

Many moons ago (well 28 years) we began supplying top-posh restaurants in and around London. With a lot of graft (chefs can be very demanding) we were able to consistently deliver great products and service, building our brand.

So here we are today...

All our work; building relationships, searching high and low for wonderful, delicious goodies has paid off and we thought it was about time we shared some of our treasure with you, so we created Westin Gourmet in 2010 to sell direct to customers online.

"Excellent range and flavour. Our menu is constantly evolving but through your extensive range of fresh gourmet meats we have been able to uphold our reputation for offering a fully contemporary French menu, thank you."

Established in 1998, Pierre Victoire Bistro is a prestigious French restaurant that specialises in offering diners the finest, freshest cuts of gourmet meat from their delicious, contemporary European menu.

"The best decision we ever made was to swap our meat suppliers to you. Offering a fast, efficient delivery service and simply the most succulent cuts of bacon, ribeye, chorizo, chicken fillets, striploin, rump and chicken supremes, we no longer have to use multiple suppliers to order our meats, thank you."

Established in 1995, Le Bistro Savoir Faire is a family owned French restaurant that prides itself on making all its foods, breads, sauces and desserts using only fresh and natural ingredients.

Why does our produce taste so good?

As we've said, we've been at this for a pretty long time and pride ourselves on knowing our food! We've spent along time learning (and tasting) about all kinds of meat and fish and we're confident you'll love our finds too.

We have top-notch buyers, butchers and fishmongers, and their expert knowledge means we select and prepare our fresh produce to the highest standards to ensure you get the best quality and prices available.

We're members of the Guild of Fine Food and many of our products are award winning - have won Gold Star Awards at the Great Taste Awards over the years.